Hi There!

Me I'm Soorya, a programmer who hopes to make software to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and allow people to express themselves better. Welcome to this wholly unremarkable piece of the internet that I happen to own.

I'm currently helping make cars drive themselves with Motional, the Hyundai-Aptiv JV in Singapore. Before that, I did my undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering at NIT Trichy, graduating in 2018.

I enjoy reading, art, music, and contemplating the meaning of life. I believe that without objective morality, everything is permissible, so sometimes I pour milk first and then add the cereal. One of the goals of the site is to encourage me to consume less and make more. You can check out some of my art and (as of yet non-existent) writing

Haskell Summer of Code Testimonial

Overview of my HSoC project.
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Hackage Improvements: HSoC proposal

I participated in the 2016 Haskell Summer of code working on Hackage, the haskell community’s repository of software. Here is the accepted proposal.
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